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Last Updated: 9th September, 2019

The Frühlingsplätzchen SPA — BollAnts  

Various saunas, steam baths, pools and quiet rooms for a relaxing wellness weekend in Bad Sobernheim. ... Glorious relaxation in the luxurious SPA. The desire for the natural elements is the experience, you can feel it.

Home Lodges — BollAnts  

Home Lodges - Our “Geheischnis” for you - “With the Bollands, home evidently always finds a home” is how a journalist recently summarised the BollAnts in the ...

Das Bollants, Bad Sobernheim, Germany — BollAnts  

Doubles cost from €258 a night half-board, with use of spa, pools and a daily activity (bollants.de). The nearby village of Bad Sobernheim is a 70-minute train ...

13 special features — BollAnts  

What makes the BollAnts so different? - A unique ensemble. Loving details, happy faces. The interplay of “herbal tea & vintner sparkling wine”: From a short ...

History — BollAnts  

1907 - Founding of the “Felke-Jungborn Kurhaus Dhonau” - A stubborn case of neurodermatitis was to blame. The butcher Andres Dhonau, great-grandfather of ...

BollAnts - Spa in the Park — BollAnts  

The origin place of the Felke therapy - awarded as the best wellness hotel in Rhineland-Palatinate - The guest houses in the park have been developed ...

Wellness & packages — BollAnts  

Wellness applications, cosmetics treatments, pampering packages and classic massages in the “BollAnts” - Applications - Private spa suites - Daily programme ...

The BollAnts team — BollAnts  

Many diligent hosts will see to your well-being in the Bollants - This warmth. This attentiveness. That is what makes it so special. - Jan Bolland - Hotel ...

Downloads — BollAnts  

Informational material about the “BollAnts” - Flyer_A4_Yoga-Ayurveda_Download.pdf - (PDF, 1.58 MB) - BollAnts Vibes Nr. 1 - 2016/17 - (PDF, 2.63 MB) ...

The Jungborn — BollAnts  

The idea behind the term “Jungborn”: creating a connection to BollAnts' multiple awarded wellness area with ... Table reservation required at info@bollants.de.

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