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Last Updated: 9th October, 2019

Reset Instructions - Phone Claim  


Reset Instructions - Phone Claim  

Reset Instructions.

Reset Instructions - Phone Claim  

FAQs. Log in to your iCloud account ( www.icloud.com ) using your iTunes user name and password. Click on "All Devices" Identify and select the damaged device. Click "Erase iPhone," then "Erase," and click through the necessary screens. Wait for the erase to complete, and then select "Remove from Account" and "Remove."

Reset Instructions - Phone Claim  

Reset Instructions. ... iPhone® Reset Instructions. I still have my iPhone. I've returned my iPhone. You need to reset your iPhone before sending it to us. This will ...

FAQs - Phone Claim  

You can reset it at appleid.apple.com or by contacting Apple® Support and verifying your identity. Once your password has been reset, you can use it to log in to ...

Phone Claim - File a Claim for Your Device | Phoneclaim.com  

Dropped your device in water? Cracked your screen? Lost your phone? File your claim online and you could receive a replacement in 24 hours.

Turn off Find My iPhone | Asurion - Phone Claim  

Avoid additional fees and protect your privacy. Find out how to turn off Find My iPhone before sending us your phone.

MetroPCS Phone Hard Reset Instructions - Phone Claim  

Review how to perform a hard reset on your MetroPCS phone.

Turning off "Find My iPhone" Instructions - Phone Claim  

You need to turn off the "Find My iPhone" device setting before returning your device to us. This is a requirement of this program and is necessary to fully clear ...

How to File, Track or Cancel a Phone Claim | Asurion  

Losing or breaking your phone is extremely frustrating, but getting a replacement shouldn't. Here's how you can file a device replacement claim with Asurion.

Asurion claims reset | Verizon Community  

When does the claims reset ? I bought new phone a few months but just would like to know when the claims will reset.

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